Stamp Out Hunger

Stamp Out Hunger

With today being Stamp Out Hunger day in the United States it got me thinking about giving, what I want my daughter to learn about helping others, and the causes I feel passionate about. Wow, all that from a little blue bag? So powerful!

My daughter is 5-years-old and she is an amazingly generous soul. She is kind like a 5-year-old should not be, because all 5-years-olds that I have met are of the “mine, mine” variety. I’ve always known she was an old soul since the day she was born but every time I see her giving nature I am sure that this is not her souls first go round. Last week we ran to the grocery store to just pick up a couple things. Normally when we do the “big shop” I pick up the prepacked food shelf bag that my grocery store puts together to make giving easier. My daughter has seen this since the day she was born. We go to the store and we buy a bag and she knows that bag helps people who need it right now. I always tell her, “What if Mommy and Daddy lost their jobs and we needed a little help.”

But on this trip I was in a hurry. I grabbed my two things and headed for the register completely bypassing the food shelf bags. When I get to the register I realized my daughter was no longer trailing behind me. Yep, you guessed it, she was at the kiosk with the bags GLARING at me. I walked halfway back and said, “Come on we have to go.” She stubbornly stood her ground and with brows drawn together shouted, “What if Mommy and Daddy lost their job and needed a little help.”

Yep, she cut me down to size. Eyes from other patrons and grocery store employees turned to me like they were waiting for two gun slingers to draw.  But I know when I’m bested by a 5-year-old and she was right. This is what I had taught her and what I wanted to learn. I couldn’t get mad because she had learned the lesson so well.

Stamp Out Hunger

Our Stamp Out Hunger Donation – Walking the Walk!

I walked back to the kiosk and as we do on every trip I read her what was in each bag and let her pick which bag to buy. Sometimes it takes a 5-year-old to remind you to not just talk the talk but to walk the walk.

There are several causes I feel very passionate about. The first is making sure no one goes hungry. The second is making sure everyone learns to read. The third is making sure we honor our service men and women. And the fourth is supporting cancer research. There are other causes I believe in but these are the ones I will consistently give to without hesitation. I encourage each of you to find what move you to action. It might be clean water programs, LGBT programs, anti-bullying, homelessness – whatever your cause give generously, be it time, money, or what ever way you can help. Let’s show the world how we walk the walk!

If my causes move you below are links to websites where you can make a financial donation or learn how you can help these organizations.

Many blessings to you all!


Second Harvest Heartland – On a mission to feed those in need.

Operation Gratitude – Say “Thank You” to our service men and women

Better World Books – Share your books to help literacy programs. They even pay the shipping!

Susan G Komen – Breast cancer research program I support and I don’t want any grief about it.

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