I am So Grateful

Victoria Touring Second Harvest Heartland's Warehouse

Victoria Touring Second Harvest Heartland’s Warehouse

On Tuesday I took my daughter to Second Harvest Heartland so they could interview her about the $31.27 she saved (you can read their interview here).

I thought I knew the statistics about hunger in Minnesota.  I did not.  I told Marie our interviewer that I had explained to Victoria that 1 in 10 Minnesotans go hungry every day and that meant for every 10 people she counted in her class 1 could be hungry.  That’s when Marie took the opportunity to correct me.  She said at the school level the statistics increase to 1 in 6.

1 in 6! 1 in 6 children go hungry every day.  Not half a world way.  Not in a war torn country.  Here in Minnesota. In one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Right next door.  This is staggering.

In 2014 1,281,826 children under age 18 lived in Minnesota.  That means 213,368 go hungry every day in Minnesota. That number makes my heart hurt.

In my life I have struggled financially, but I have never been put in the position where I had to decide between putting a roof over my child’s head or food in her belly.  I am so grateful.

I am asking you to please help but giving to Second Harvest Heartland.  Even $1 can make a huge impact in the hands of Second Harvest. Please follow Victoria’s example and give what you can to help.  Here’s a link to Victoria’s Food and Fund Drive for Second Harvest.  Thank you for you help.  #NotInMyState

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