I’m Just Here to Save the World – Don’t Panic!

Super Mom    So this morning my 5-year-old had one of those teary, “Don’t leave me, Mommy!” mornings. She grabbed ahold my neck like a python and wept copious tears all over me.  In fear of drowning and positive I would go to work tear stained I had to quickly come up with a plan.

These are the moments when being a fiction writer really pays off!

I whispered into her ear, “Baby, Mommy’s really a superhero in disguise. If you don’t let me go there will be economic collapse, world chaos, and people could die.”

She leaned back with wide eyes, the tears finally ending.

I nodded at her. “I am that important. You have to let me go.”

She relaxed her grip on my neck, nodded back and kissed me goodbye.

I would love to say she stopped crying completely but she still had a good pout on her and she cried, “I love you! I love you!” As I got into my car, but I think she knows Mommy needs to save the world for one more day.

Many Blessing to You All!


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