Sisters In Crime at the Minnesota State Fair

Jason Matheson of The Jason Show

Jason Matheson of The Jason Show

I have a confession to make.  I don’t like going to the State Fair.  I’ll wait while you corral your disbelief.

Ready? Good.

It’s true.  I have managed to avoid going to the Minnesota State Fair for 22 years.  I don’t really enjoy crowds of people who are wandering with no regard for others.  I don’t enjoy the heat and humidity.  The smells, the noise, the parking, pretty much it all just makes me shudder.

People who love the fair always say, “But the food!” Yeah, I’m unimpressed with food on a stick and if I get the desire for a pronto pup there are so many local fairs that I can go to with much less effort to snag that golden gem.

This year however two things made me  take that dreaded trek to Falcon Heights. 1) my daughter was old enough to understand that this is something that is potentially fun and 2) the Twin Cities Chapter of the Sisters in Crime put out a call for authors to sign on Read and Ride day. I was whipped.  I agreed to go to the fair.

Met some fans

Had a chance to sign for fans!

Each day leading up to the day I had to go to the fair brought me anxiety until the day finally came.  I got up early, marshaled my resources, packed the kid and husband in the car and headed out.

I have to say, I couldn’t have written a better day.  It was sunny but not hot or humid with just a hint of a breeze that day.  School started early in some areas so the lots weren’t all full, the crowds in the AM weren’t epic.  It wasn’t so bad.

We went to see the Jason Show, rode some rides with the kidlet, ate some fair food (still over Cut outsprices and over rated) and generally had a nice time.

There was the added benefit of being able to meet some fans at the Sisters In Crime booth, meet some awesome ladies from the library (check out the amazing shirts!), and I was able to squeeze in some interviews with my fellow sisters for the new radio show!  You won’t want to miss that episode.

I have to say, if I could be sure that next year would be as amazing as this year was I’d go again.

Fellow Twin Cities Sisters In Crime members at the 2016 MN State Fair

Fellow Twin Cities Sisters In Crime members at the 2016 MN State Fair

Maybe. Oh that just gave me anxiety.  We’ll have to see!

Many blessings to you all!


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