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The New Cover Has Arrived!

I’m so excited to announce that A Luring Murder will be coming soon!  The cover has arrived (so happy) and we are only weeks away from release. Since the release was pushed back and pushed back I’m not committing to a date until I know for sure (and am holding a copy in my hot little hands).

Here’s a preview of the cover and a little about A Luring Murder!

The irreverent detective is back, and this time she’s on vacation.

God help us all.

St. Paul, Minnesota Homicide Detective Catherine O’Brien and her loving husband Gavin are vacationing on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. When a local is murdered Catherine is tapped to help the small town sheriff until the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension arrives to take over the investigation.

Catherine is surprised when her partner Louise and Diggs the forensic pathologist, whose crush on Louise is only dwarfed by his own genius, show up to assist instead of the BCA.

Before long Catherine and Louise discover this sleepy little town has a dark side hidden beneath its placid lake charms. Somewhere in the tangle of cheating and deception is a motive for murder.


Thank you to all the fans who asked for this book! As many of you know this was not supposed to be the second book, but there was demand to know what happened on Catherine’s vacation, so I scrambled to give you want you wanted. I hope you enjoy reading this book and have as much fun with it as I did writing it.

God Bless!

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We Have Audio!

I am so excited! I just approved the final edits on the audio book version of A Grand Murder.

This project was so important to me, because my mother has macular degeneration. As I wrote in an earlier post, my Mom was probably the single biggest influence on me becoming a writer. She certainly was the biggest influence on me becoming a reader.  The thought of her not being able to enjoy what I write was heartbreaking to me.

I lobbied hard for an audio book and in a short time all that hard work will pay off!

I am so proud that people with vision problems, people whose reading time is their commute, or people who just like to listen to book instead of reading them will have access to A Grand Murder.

Today is another day of gratitude for me. I am so thankful.



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Book Release Video Announcement


Just saw the really cool video announcement for my book A Grand Murder! Very excited for the book to finally make it’s way into the world.


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