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When Banned Books Attack!

Happy Banned Books Week Everyone!

Yes, in this day and age I’m sad to say that books are still being banned. I’m re-posting this photo I took some time ago of banned books attacking me (yes that really is me under those books. Enjoy and fight book banning wherever you find it!



When Banned Books Attack!


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It Doesn’t Change the Fact that I’m Cold

Actual conversation in my office today:Blue British Shorthair kitten in knitted hat lying on a blanket

“Is your space heater on?”



“Because I’m cold.”

“It’s not cold in here.”

This happens all the time.  I think running the space heater is universally understood to mean someone is cold, so this conversation always seems like a pointless waste of my time.

I should probably start out the conversation by blurting out, “I have Hashimotos disease and I can no longer regulate my own body temperature.” That might save me from a lot of bizarre encounters where other people try to convince me that I can’t be cold because they’re not.

To all the well meaning among you please let me assure you that 1) I am cold 2) you telling me you’re hot will not change the fact that I’m cold and 3) I really am COLD so get over it.

No where in the above conversation did I say it was cold in the room. NO! I said I am cold. It’s a personal thing.  I am not judging you for sweating all over my desk so don’t judge me if I need to put on a sweater and run my space heater.

Why do you think I care if you disagree with the FACT that I am cold? Why do you think I care about anything you have to say about my personal choices?  If I want to wear a snowsuit when it’s 90 damn degrees outside what business is it of yours?

Please let me thank you for all the unsolicited advice. Please know that I’ve heard you.  I know what you are saying to me.  But I still don’t care. I am cold.


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The Eyes Have It

Portrait of afro american woman covering her eyes over gray background

So it turns out it’s my eyes that make me unattractive. Strange because that’s my one body part I’ve never held a grudge against. But they are the betrayer.

Today I was told three times that I looked really nice today, all while I was wearing my face obscuring sunglasses. Since I’ve taken them off nothing. No one thinks I look really nice.

So if I want to look attractive I will have to spend the rest of my life hiding behind sunglasses like some tarted up version of Muammar Gaddafi.


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