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Because I Have A Kid

If I was not a mom I would never leave my house.  Half of you just rolled your eyes and thought this statement was hyperbole but it’s not.  Ask my husband.  Ask my sister.  They will tell you I can be completely content to be a hermit (the fact that I have a husband is still a minor miracle to me but don’t tell him I think he’s special).


BC (before child), I was happy to spend an entire weekend in the house without human contact living with just my characters for company.  But now I’m have this little person with me all the time (seriously like a limpet all the time!) who isn’t content to be alone.  She has friends.  I marvel at this because when I was a kid I didn’t.  She’s a mystery to me in that way (notice the way I kind worked in my radio show title – you should check it out here).


So when she came along I had to force myself to go out and talk to people. Put her in classes.  Take her to girl scouts. You know – be a mom!


Well, it change me.  A lot.  I am not the same person I was seven years ago.  I know what you’re thinking there is no way I changed that much and that I must fundamentally be the same person.  No I am not.


I talk to people now.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal but I never talked to anyone I didn’t know seven years ago.  Even if I did know you I would have had to know you for a couple years before really feeling comfortable enough with you to speak.  


Not any more.


Now I will talk to anyone about anything and it’s wonderful.  I now have so many opportunities coming my way because I am no longer afraid to talk to people.  Heck seven years ago me hosting a talk show speaking to best selling authors would have been an joke to me.  I would have thought yeah right that’s going to happen.  I couldn’t have opened my mouth let alone asked these people things. Now I have a talk show (seriously you should check it out here) and I have spoken to bestselling authors including Sandra Brown, Hank Phillipi Ryan Iris Johansen and JA Jance. Can you believe it?! Because I still can’t. But I am very grateful!


I marvel at how far I’ve come in such a short time. And I directly attribute all of this to the birth of my daughter. She has taken me outside my comfort zone on many occasions and I have to admit, I am better off for it.



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I’m Just Here to Save the World – Don’t Panic!

Super Mom    So this morning my 5-year-old had one of those teary, “Don’t leave me, Mommy!” mornings. She grabbed ahold my neck like a python and wept copious tears all over me.  In fear of drowning and positive I would go to work tear stained I had to quickly come up with a plan.

These are the moments when being a fiction writer really pays off!

I whispered into her ear, “Baby, Mommy’s really a superhero in disguise. If you don’t let me go there will be economic collapse, world chaos, and people could die.”

She leaned back with wide eyes, the tears finally ending.

I nodded at her. “I am that important. You have to let me go.”

She relaxed her grip on my neck, nodded back and kissed me goodbye.

I would love to say she stopped crying completely but she still had a good pout on her and she cried, “I love you! I love you!” As I got into my car, but I think she knows Mommy needs to save the world for one more day.

Many Blessing to You All!


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