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It’s Not A Mystery

mysteryA weird thing has been happening to me lately – well ever since the show started.  Now when I talk to people about books and they start to talk about a book they enjoy they start with the phrase, “It’s not a mystery.” Almost apologetically.

I get it.  I mean I host a show called It’s A Mystery to Me.  Naturally the thought is that I read mysteries and I do.

Let me state for the record that I read more than just mysteries.  If it has words on it and stands still long enough, chances are I will read it.

I enjoy all forms of genre fiction, but I also like to read inspirational, self-help, and even business books.

So don’t feel like you have to apologize to me for telling me you loved A Man Called Ove, Jenny Lawson’s books, or Self Made, because the answer you will probably here from me is Me Too!   And if not me too then it just might be, “I have to read that.”

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Ah – Very True!

Wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you all. It’s important to read widely so you can really understand the world and all it’s wonders. Lack of knowledge is the biggest threat to our society so get out there and READ!

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When Friends Don’t Like Your Favorite Books | ShelfTalker

If you love books you’ve totally been here! I wanted to share this quick piece from ShelfTalker on PW:

Can you be friends with someone who doesn’t like a book you love?

Source: When Friends Don’t Like Your Favorite Books | ShelfTalker

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