When Banned Books Attack!

Happy Banned Books Week Everyone!

Yes, in this day and age I’m sad to say that books are still being banned. I’m re-posting this photo I took some time ago of banned books attacking me (yes that really is me under those books. Enjoy and fight book banning wherever you find it!



When Banned Books Attack!

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7 Responses to When Banned Books Attack!

  1. This picture was extremely painful to view. You see, a close friend of mine recently died from a papercut. I’ve started a charitable fund to spread the word about these deadly books. People just don’t realize the hidden dangers found in these tomes! Thank you for bringing to light this serious issue.

  2. I love how you put Satanic verses next to The Bible…. You are a riot!!!

  3. That sort of looks like me on a daily basis. I knew I shouldn’t have stacked the things so damn high.

  4. Oh no, I’m starting to like Satanic Verses. Never liked anything by Rushdie before.

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