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Putting On My Writer Hat

Got My WRITER Hat On!

Got My WRITER Hat On!

I was having a discussion the other day with a writer friend and she mentioned writing triggers.  The little, quirky things that we writers do to get prepared to write.  For some it’s putting on the right (write) music, having their favorite beverage on hand, or sharpening all your pencils so you’re ready to go.

I told her that I literally put on my WRITER hat and go to work.  Yes, I have a WRITER hat. That’s me wearing the darn thing in the photo (heck yeah I filtered that thing!) .  It’s like putting on my uniform.  It’s a signal to those in my family that I am currently at work.  It might look like I’m staring aimlessly out into nothing but I am actually working (and you can’t prove otherwise).

Whenever I wear it out of the house at least one person will ask me about my writing which acts like a double bonus for me.  They usually want to know where I got it.  Well I got it from Writers Store Along with way too many other things to mention (oh if you insist chat pack, software, writing books, moleskins, etc.).

The Writer Hat

The Writer Hat with no filter

My friends at Writers Store have agreed to offer at 10% discount for readers who want to acquire their own WRITER hat.  coupon: AFF10CODE17 This code is valid through March 31st so get over to the Writers Store and get yours today!

The links are affiliates but it won’t cost you any extra. Use coupon code AFF10CODE17 at checkout for 10% off this awesome hat!


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